Radiotherapy AI model training platform
OAR/CTV/GTV auto-delineation models on multi-modality images; dose prediction models
Manteia AccuLearningTM AI model training platform provides visualized solutions for radiotherapy AI applications. High efficiency small sampling training, automatic data cleansing, multi-parameter and multi-layer adjustable neural network architecture, no-coding workflow and visualized model evaluation, all these features are guaranteed to bring significant values to clinical and research work by achieving high quality auto-segmentation and dose prediction AI models.
Major Modules:
OAR/CTV/GTV auto-delineation models on multi-modality images; dose prediction models
Dataset creation
selected data will be cleaned and imported as training data set
Model training and evaluation
one-click model training using default neural network settings, automatic model evaluation using testing data set
Model application
trained model will be exported to application software, e.g. AccuContour, to be used as the new delineation model
Small-sampling data set
satisfactory result can be achieved from as few as 30 data sets
No-coding operation
users do not need coding knowledge to program neural network. Visualized parameter tuning helps adjusting model training algorithms
Accurate models
automatically trained models using default settings are as much accurate as manually trained models
Data safety
importing data sets and exporting models within local network to avoid data breaching
Open architecture
connect with all Manteia products for data importing and model exporting
Translational research support
improve clinical practice with technologies and translational research