Intelligent Software Suit for Radiotherapy
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Intelligent Treatment Planning Assistant
User-friendly with no steep learning curve. Start within minutes to increase efficiency and accuracy in daily workflow.
Easily customizable from auto-contouring, registration, dose analysis to plan review, users can select the modules they need to complement their current TPS.
Treatment Planning System (TPS) for Radiotherapy
Mozi represents the latest advancement in planning technology by incorporating personalized, patient-specific goals with adaptive features and streamlined automation, well-equipped to address your current planning needs and anticipate future advancements in the field.
AI-powered Automation
GPU Powered Monte Carlo Calculation
Vendor Independence
Patient QA powered by Monte Carlo
Vendor-independent and unbiased Quality Assurance (QA) throughout the entire treatment process, offering data integrity, logical consistency,plan dosimetry quality checks, and independent MU calculation within a single platform.
Monte Carlo Secondary Dose Check
Dose Delivery Check by Linac Log-file Reconstruction
Vendor Independence with Full Compatibility
About Us
From RT, For RT
Manteia’s founding team was a group of physicians and physicists from Adaptive RT research group( 2011~). Now with a 120-member team, 70% dedicated to research and development, Manteia is actively constructing innovative solutions for advancing Radiation Therapy.

Manteia softwares are committed to heightened accuracy, safety, and efficiency, as reflected in our advanced algorithms that integrate artificial intelligence, Monte Carlo simulations, and other state-of-the-art methodologies.

With the goals of personalized and patient-specific care incorporated from the beginning, our core development is the adaptive treatment solution, dynamically tailoring radiation treatments in every fraction.